Project Girona is an important part of a bigger dream  

Project Girona aims to create a revolution in the energy market, giving customers an easy, inexpensive way to incorporate smart solutions like solar panels, battery storage and decarbonisation of heat and transport in their daily lives. 

Project Girona sets out to bring cheaper, cleaner, smarter energy to customers and to give them an energy choice and energy flexibility as a service.


Today, in Northern Ireland we have very little choice when it comes to how and where we buy our electricity

As a country we are creating clean renewable energy on a larger scale than any other region of the UK. 

However, if the energy that is created can’t be used at that moment, it is wasted.  

Project Girona aims to change this.  

Project Girona is the start of the energy revolution. 


In the future imagine if, a community, a town, a county and a country had the ability to store all the renewable energy that is produced and use it when and where it is needed all at a lower cost.  

This is the reason Project Girona has been created.  During the life of the project, the team will test, collect and analyse data from across the project area to enable them to build a business case for change and start the energy revolution.  



Anne Marie McGoldrick, Director, Girona Energy Ltd
thumbnail_David Moore Parkway
David Moore, Director, Girona Energy Ltd
Eddie McGoldrick, Director, The Electric Storage Company
Ash Carney, Operations Manager, The Electric Storage Company
Daragh McGuinness, Engineering Intern, The Electric Storage Company
Matty Branagh, Operations, The Electric Storage Company
Jamie Rea, Domestic Customer Project Manager, Girona Energy Ltd
Chris Doherty, Energy and Markets IT Project Manager, Girona Energy Ltd
Michael Megarity, Programme Manager, Girona Energy Ltd
Stephen Thompson, Power Engineer, The Electric Storage Company
thumbnail_Rodney Paul BW
Rodney Paul, Technical PM Commercial, GES Group
thumbnail_Jasmine McIlroy
Jasmine McIlroy, Project Manager for C&I, GES Group
thumbnail_Barry Heggan
Barry Heggan, Technical Deliverables, GES Group
thumbnail_Jonny Waddell
Jonny Waddell, Technical Deliverables Software, GES Group
thumbnail_Lorraine Farrell
Lorraine Farrell, C&I Customer Relations Manager, GES Group