It is fair to say that how your energy is supplied has not changed since the 1950’s.  In an age of AirBnB, Amazon, pay as you go smartphones and video streaming, your choice in energy supply is dated.  Project Girona is the first important step to a greener and fairer energy supply.  The actions that Project Girona is taking will not only decarbonise the environment by using cleaner fuels, it will also give customers more choice in their energy supply and how they use it.  Project Girona seeks to prove that energy flexibility as a service (EFaaS) is easily achievable and can be made available to all.   

What is EFaaS?  The easiest example of EFaaS is to liken it to your mobile phone contract where your service provider agrees to supply you a level of data usage for an agreed monthly fee.  Now imagine you have an energy supplier who will supply you an agreed amount of energy for a monthly fee.  No more worrying about how much energy you have consumed and the bill that is just around the corner.  With EFaaS you always know what you have used, what you need to pay and when you are going to pay. 

Combining the ease of the EFaaS system with a greener, cleaner, easier and more economical way of supplying energy Project Girona seeks to start a radical change in energy supply for a better future that not only enhances the customer experience, but also is better for the environment.  

Be part of Project Girona, be part of the energy revolution!