Currently around 70% of electricity is generated from renewable sources but 50% is discarded because there is no way to store that electricity and no infrastructure or mechanism in place for it to be used by the grid. By giving you a way to store renewable energy in your home to use whenever it is needed cuts out the problem of so much waste whilst providing free energy. 

Project Girona sets out to bring cheaper, cleaner, smarter energy to domestic customers and to give you choice in where your energy comes from. Girona wants to give people fuel choice and energy flexibility as a service.  The Project will install for free Sonnen battery and where required solar panels so that you can generate and store your own energy and use it when you require. 

When all the energy in the battery has been used, the system then reverts back to your mains supply ensuring that you are never are without electricity.  The Project estimates a saving of around 40% on your current electricity bill.  To view a full list of benefits, click on the link below. 

The only thing that we require from you is your electricity data as this will enable the Project Team to better understand the benefits of the GIRONA installation.  The data will be explained in more detail should you join the Project, but rest assured it will be treated in a secure and confidential way. 

To find out what Girona Project will bring please click here. 

If you are a commercial customer please click here to find out more. 

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