To generate free electricity the Project requires some form of renewable generating energy source for example solar panels or a wind turbine.  If you do not have a method of generating energy at your property, then the Project will install solar panels.   

To store the energy generated the Project will install a Sonnen SB10 battery.  The SB10 is the latest in battery technology from the world’s leading domestic battery manufacture.  The SB10 is supported by an app that will allow you to monitor your electricity generation and consumption and see how much you are saving.  In nearly all cases the battery will be mounted outside your property inside a protective cabinet.

Both the solar panel and battery installations will be carried out by trained and certified engineers.  The Project engineers will initially conduct a site visit and then install the equipment.  When they have completed the work, you will be supplied all the relevant information relating to the equipment including contact details.  With the on-going COVID-19 situation they will be working to the Government Guidelines to ensure your safety.

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