Reduce your electricity bill by around 40% (based on your current electricity consumption).  This in turn will reduce your carbon footprint as you will be generating and storing your own electricity without exclusively consuming from the grid. 

Any excess electricity generated by the solar system (when the battery reaches full charge) will be discharged into the grid.  You will receive payment for this electricity from your electricity supplier.  This has to be arranged between you and your electricity supplier.  If you rent your home, you will have to consult your landlord to ensure that they are content to proceed. your

You may want to consider changing your electricity tariff to Economy 7.  Should you decide to do this, you can charge your battery at night during the low peak rate.  You can then consume electricity from the battery during the on-peak times thus reducing your electricity bill.  This will assist during the times where solar electricity generation is reduced e.g. winter months.  For further information please speak to one of the Team and we can help you assess if this is a viable option for you. 

For domestic customers the installation of the equipment is provided to you at no charge! 

This is an opportunity to be part of the first smart grid in Northern Ireland and help shape the future of energy supply.