Are you a commercial customer?

If you have a business within the Project GIRONA catchment area and you are interested in becoming part of the energy revolution, we would love to hear from you.  The GIRONA battery storage solution will help:

1) Reduce the company’s your running costs.  

2) Depending on your company’s circumstances you may be eligible for tax relief from HMRC.  For further information please click on this link to the HMRC website or consult professional financial advice 

3)Your company will be one of the very first to become part of cutting edge of energy conservation and helping decarbonising the environment. 

4)If you are thinking about gaining ISO 14001 accreditation or already are accredited, GIRONA will add to your green credentials.

5) For larger scale installations the option for an uninterruptible power supply can be designed for your battery solution.  This means that during a power outage your company will keep operating when others are not.  If you are interested in this capability the Project Team will be able to advise.  

To find out more please contact the Project GIRONA Team and will be more than happy to help you become part of the energy revolution. 

Project GIRONA engagement with commercial customers is via GES Group (Grants Electrical Services (NI) Ltd) and The Electric Storage Company.  Both companies have a wealth of experience in battery storage and will be more than happy to discuss the best option for your needs.


GES Group (Grants Electrical Services (NI) Ltd ), an award-winning industry-leading organisation, provide power and energy solutions for SMEs and large multi-nationals across a range of industries UK, Ireland and beyond. The group has strong and long-standing trading history extending in growth across a significant number of industry sectors, in their drive to develop the renewable energy goal.   

Established in 1972 as Grants Electrical Services (NI) Ltd, the Company has grown and developed into GES Group, a leading Electrical and Mechanical Engineering business. GES Group provide flexible energy innovative solutions that hold large benefits for businesses by reducing their environmental impact, cost savings and reduce curtailment and constraint. We have many years’ experience working in the Energy Sector installing and maintaining renewables, we have extensive experience in the Energy Storage Industry and continue to adapt and develop to new technologies in the market.  

 For more information please click on this link 

The Electric Storage Company has over 3 years of experience in the supply and installation of battery storage units in domestic properties in Northern Ireland. With the advent of the new sonnen SB10 battery The Electric Storage Company can offer up to 247.5 kWh of energy storage to the commercial customer. 

As you would expect the all installations are commissioned by experienced and certified engineers and The Electric Storage Company is the only sonnen Platinum Partner in Northern Ireland.  The battery comes with an app that enables you to manage and control your energy consumption and production. Our battery devices are made in Germany and are built to the highest standards of safety and quality. For more information please click on this link